Free Interaction

Our Next interaction is scheduled on 5th July 2020 at 7.00 A.M. (IST), and the duration of the interaction is of 30 minutes, use Free-Interaction as the access code to join.


1. Please make sure you have at-list a 512 kbps connection or you may face problem.
2. Please make sure you are using the leatest version of Firefox &/or Chromium or its derivative browser for better performance.
3. It’s better to use a touch device such as tablet or mobile phones with larger display in order to have a proper two way interaction.
4. If you are using Laptop/Computer then please use your proper pointing and writing device such as mouse &/or digital-pen along with mike and speaker so that you can ask and listen.
5. If possible then please share this information with your loved once so that they can too join.
6. Online Interaction depends upon two factor such as Power supply and internet connectivity so failure in any component can cause a delay or rescheduling to the next day.